It’s 7:00 am. Time to drag yourself off to work, sit in traffic, and punch in on that time clock before you are marked as late to work again. Boot up your computer and start typing that article you just can’t seem to find the inspiration for.

30 minutes go by, you lean back and stretch in that chair you were promised weeks ago would be replaced with one that has more support.

You look at your carpeted cubicle walls and wonder how to make the day go by quicker. And it’s only Tuesday?

It’s going to be a long week.


It’s 7:00 am. Time to go out for a jog as you continue to train for that marathon coming up in a few weeks.

Once you get back and showered you grab your computer and a snack, toss it in the car, and drive yourself up to your favorite spot in the mountains.

Surrounded by the flowing river, the light breeze on your face and the shadows of the leaves as they dance over your head.

This inspires you as you start typing away on that article you promised.

Its only Tuesday and it’s going to be a GREAT week.

Sound familiar? Like something you dread everyday or something you dream about?

Cheryl Snapp Conner is the successful founder of SnappConner PR. She shares a great business idea that may just make these dreams a reality. Could it be the business for you? Let’s explore it.

The Idea

If Conner were to step away from her public relations company and focus on something else, she suggests that starting her own writing business would be what she would do.

To start off with, she would find serious people ready to share a meaningful message. We are going to focus on writing for successful CEO’s today, but you could translate this to just about any facility and find success.

In almost any given room with a handful of CEO’s, writing is a sore subject. Almost every CEO has a list of things they should be writing to propel their business forward or has something they know needs to be shared with the world regarding business strategies etc. Almost every CEO wishes it were already done. This is a headache for them.

That’s where your services come in. Removing headaches.

What if you took away the one thing they dread the most. What if you write up that meaningful article? What if you did it in your favorite location, like the beach, or snuggled up on your couch instead of in that office cubicle?

What if they paid you to do it?

CEO’s generally have gone through a lot of trial and error and life experiences to be where they are now. Their stories and experiences would benefit people everywhere.

CEO’s are also extremely busy overseeing all the different elements of their business. You could be their extra hands and become their voice when writing their material.

What’s even more exciting than that is that CEO’s are EVERYWHERE. You do not have to focus this business based on where you live. With all the technology we have today, meeting up with CEO’s all over the world from the comfort of your home is a video conference away.

The best part of all this is that they will gladly pay you to remove their headaches!

So how should you be compensated for writing their stories to share with the world?

Payment Options

There are a lot of ways you could choose to be paid for this.
-Pay per article
-Pay per week or month
-Pay per a set number of articles

Pay per article would mean exactly that. You are paid for every article you write.

A pro to this would be that you know before you start exactly what you will be paid.

A con to this is if an article takes you much longer than planned to be written you aren’t being compensated for those extra hours.

Pay per week or month is a great plan because you know what is coming and what is expected.

A pro to this is that you are being paid more like a salary. You are being paid every time you sit down to write even if it takes longer than originally assumed.

A con to this is you might have some deadlines to meet before that week or month are over.

Pay per a set number of articles means you and the CEO will arrange what you believe is fair for a particular number of articles written.

A pro to this is that everything is up front. If some take less time and others take more time it evens out.

A con to this is if each article takes longer than planned and you do end up spending more time than expected. You aren’t necessarily being compensated for those hours.

Conner suggests one word of caution in payment. She suggests NOT being compensated for word count.

Writing for word count adds more fluff than substance to your articles. To have a more clean and concise product when you are done that others find meaningful and helpful is to stay far away from word count, but to focus on the content.

Everyone wants a solid article that others find helpful and educational when they are done right?

We’ve covered the idea and the revenue options, but Conner suggests there is a Magic Key to making this the most successful it can be.

The Magic Key

If you want to sound credible, educated, and smart, hiring a proofreader is your magic key.

Even the very best writers can’t catch all the mistakes. Hiring a proofreader not only covers you for the mistakes you make, but will make your article stand out above the ordinary.

A proofreader will ensure you are using all the correct spelling, punctuation, and that your ideas are coherent and make sense. They will give you the credibility you need in order to keep those CEO’s coming back and putting more money in your pocket.

Does working at your convenience and comfort level sound intriguing to you? Is writing your passion? Maybe this could be your next great business idea.

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