Would you be surprised to find that 1 in 4 people are successful when it comes to finding their significant other through a dating application? That number is expected to at least double during the next several years as we become a more technology dependent society.

Do you want to know how you can monetize this search for love while helping those lonely souls? We’ve got an idea for you.

Sean Bingham, the successful creator and seller of TopBlip and KZGear.com and the current CEO of Adventure Hunt, shares with us his next great business idea.

According to Bingham dating runs the world. When it comes to those looking, people will drop just about anything to attend to their Tinder request or their eHarmony match.

People are serious about finding love and many turn to dating apps seeing it as an easy option.

There are several dating apps you could choose to use to find your love match. But which one is right for you?

Bingham suggests this is where his next great business idea comes in. He feels none of these sites present themselves in a way that will create the most success for their users.

According to Bingham, these sites allow you to look outside your “league”. This creates a disconnect for the users and doesn’t optimize their chances of finding love.

His suggestion is an app called Date Leagues.

Are you a Major Leaguer, Minor Leaguer, or Little Leaguer? Don’t get offended yet, these aren’t supposed to be a ranking system of who’s the best, but rather it defines types of people. Users would be in groups of similar people in similar life situations to help them better navigate the world of online matchmaking.

This app can help you determine which pool you should be looking in to have the most success. Who doesn’t want success when finding someone to love?

Bingham suggests several different ways to categorize people that haven’t been considered before in the dating application algorithms. Some of these are:
-Personality Traits
Someone interested in paddle boarding might be interested in someone else who also likes paddle boarding. Or similarly, someone who likes dogs might be interested to find someone who also likes dogs.

We all know people like to “put their best foot forward” on dating sites, many times not being completely honest about their information when creating their profile.

So what about all those people who bend the truth to make themselves seem more desirable?

Where does accountability come in?

A solution to this, according to Bingham, is to create a reference system. He suggests having people who know you contribute to your information you share online as well as validate what you say about yourself to increase authenticity.

This reference system will help ensure you are in the correct League and help you to find others you might have more in common with and find more success with.

It in turn helps you to feel that other users are also credible and that their information is realistic.
Hopefully this avoids the 5’8” woman being taller than her 5’10” *eyeroll* date.

Another common drawback to using dating apps is a constant bombardment of options.

When dating apps are focused on looks first, those who are conventionally attractive have a tendency to be bombarded with messages. Instead of being flattering, it actually turns out to be a pain and a reason to not use them. It’s just too much to sift through to find people they are actually interested in.

Similarly others might be concerned for their self esteem or be embarrassed when using the app because they may be underwhelmed with their responses.

This is another potential error of most dating apps.

A possible solution for this is to create an opportunity to look at someone’s photo AFTER they have read their profile. If you find your interests are similar, then you can proceed to view their photo and see if physical attraction is also there.

A step further is to also create a list of 3 questions of things that are important to you. Three things that may sum up what you are looking for to help ‘weed out’ some unfruitful candidates.

These questions help ensure that you will be successful when you do finally reach out to someone because you are looking in a similar ‘league’.

Amongst all this, urgency is key. How often does someone send a message and then wait 6 months for a response?

Creating a sense of urgency helps to keep things flowing and moving within the app. A suggestion is to set time limits once the first message has been sent.

Say you send a message to someone who looks promising. They have 24 hours to respond before your message goes away. If they do respond within those 24 hours, then you additionally have 24 hours to respond before the connection is lost.

Urgency creates flow and movement within the dating app. It keeps people connected to you and provides them with better opportunities to find their own connection with someone.

So how does one market this different idea for a dating app?

A suggestion is to use a referral system. Create more of an ‘elite’ category of users who invite ‘friends’ to use the app. This garners even more of a reference because someone you know uses it and wants to share what they are finding with you.

Leaving something up to ‘luck’ or ‘who you know’ also creates a desire in people more than someone that they can just have. Once they are ‘in’ and have that referral they feel a sense of pride which propels them AND your company forward.

Does this sound like something you relate to? Are you ready to create an atmosphere where people can meet people they are better suited to?

Maybe this will be YOUR next great business idea!

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